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Guild of Writers Presents: The Tsar's Tour: Cleft Night

As summer is indeed the best time to have a party (at least in my opinion), I am pleased to announce that Tsar Adam "Hoikas" Johnson and the Guild of Writers are having one on the Gehn Shard!  The festivities are the start of a series of events that will take place throughout the Ages of URU, starting with... you guessed it... the cleft!

The fun takes place on Friday, June 29th @ 19:00 KI time (1:00 AM UTC the next day).  Send a PM to KI # 16125 at the time of the party to join the group when you first link in.  Those at the party will choose the location for the next get-together in the ongoing tour.

And yes, there will be music!  The URL will be

See the GoW forum thread here for further developments.  Hope to see everyone there!

D'ni Location: 
The Cleft (Gehn Shard)
Date of the event: 
Junio 29, 2012 - 19:00
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Gehn v.9 is Live!

The newly-released version of MO:ULa gave the H'uru developers extra incentive to push out a new version of their own Shard for compatibility. As such, the Writers announced yesterday that Gehn 9 has been released, bringing back quabs and fixing various glitches. This is also the first version of Gehn to feature some Guild of Writers branding, as seen in the updating screen in-game.

For a full list of changes:

  • Fix Alt+F4
  • Fix a potential multiplayer synchronization bug
  • Fix some BlueSpiral synchronization issues
  • Fix some issues related to fireflies
  • Fix an issue with imagers containing unicode characters in their names
  • Limit the minimum resolution to 800x600
  • Minimize full screen window when an error occurs
  • Restore Ahnonay quabs
  • Update game data (PRPs) to MOULa 1.912
  • New Guild of Writers theming to match the site
  • Obfuscated Quigley Matrix

Deledrius on the forums encourages explorers to test out the restored functionality in Ahnonay, and added this reminder afterwards:

Also, please remember that Gehn produces more detailed crash information for us. If you experience any crashes, please post your crash.dmp file so we can perform forensics on the crash and make Gehn better!

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MO:ULa 1.912 Released

Thanks to the hard work of Christian Walther, rarified and a host of other dedicated individuals, a new set of fixes and additions has been brought to MO:ULa today in the latest build: MO:ULa 1.912! Some new features include copy/paste functionality for the KI, more flexible screen resolution code, KI Time has finally been adjusted to the new standard...and a bucketload of various other fixes!

Here's a full list (as detailed on the Wiki): Read more

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Gehn v.8 is Live!

The previous release of Gehn 7 introduced a number of bugs and unintended side effects which affected anything from the playability of the game to the completion of the Cleft. Fortunately, Gehn 8 was released earlier today, bringing with it a number of fixes and the usual additions (although not quite as many as we may be used to by now). One aspect of functionality which was restored was the spiral door feature in the garden Ages! So gather up all your buddies and head on over to test the Eders!

For a full list of changes:

  • Make landing behaviors direction independent
  • Fix cleft imager
  • Fix SSE3 detection (SSE3 is a missed feature on old CPUs)
  • Fix crash exposed by unexpected localization data
  • Fix crash in the age patcher
  • Restore compatibility with x87-only CPUs (Fallback solution for old CPUs)
  • Restore BlueSpiral door functionality
  • Relaxed Splines

Deledrius posted another note on the forums about testing, though:

Please note: We've enabled the Tsogal and Delin gardens' Spiral Door puzzles with code which is experimental and needs testing from all of you! It's hard to get enough people together for multiplayer testing on our dev shards, so this one may be a bit unstable and we need Our Intrepid Testers to give it their best! Let us know what works, and what doesn't.  It'll be nice to officially take this one off the Known Issues list.

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Gehn v.7 is Live!

After a bit of quiet over on the Gehn front these past few weeks, the H'uru team announced yesterday that their Gehn testing Shard has been updated to version 7. It contains some new improvements and bug fixes. One notable feature is added to the launcher: the language changer! You can now easily select other languages in which to play Uru. Another notable feature is a flashing game window on new KI pms and KI mail.

Your client will be automatically updated on startup. Changes include:

  • Utilize Windows 7 taskbar progress bars
  • Add language changer to launcher
  • Flash game window on new KI pms and KI mail
  • Allow users to play Uru in any resolution supported by their monitor
  • Add randomness (remove Shroomie predictability)
  • Replace stack dumps with independent crash handler
  • Lots of under-the-hood goodness
  • Fix download progress bars tracking the wrong total file sizes
  • Fix edge cases related to DST
  • Fix a potential float overflow
  • Fix Relto nosedive (partial)
  • Fix some weird camera transitions
  • Fix some lag
  • Perturbed matrices

Deledrius posted an important note about the new multi-language functions: Read more

Submitted by: 
Lyrositor and Ron Landry

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